Serial Mysteries: Escape Room & Game Nights

Bellevue's First Escape Room / 4,000 sq ft space / Multiple paths

Se·ri·al·ist (n) - A proven master of mind games and puzzles


What is an escape room? 

Escape rooms are physical adventure games where players use elements of the room to solve puzzles and complete a mission (such as "escape the room") within a set time limit. They're like action adventure games in real life.

What can we expect from Serial Mysteries?  Fun.

There are several escape rooms in the Seattle area, but Serial Mysteries is Bellevue's first and only escape room. We offer a unique experience in that we're located in a 4,000 sq ft space (typically rooms are 300 sq ft.). Serial holds a strong emphasis on puzzle quality, minimizing on the "what do I do" frustration that typically comes with escape rooms. 


How many people do I need to play?  

Only 3 people are required to play through the room (if you're really good... 2 could do it), but it cannot be solved alone as solutions require teamwork. On the other hand, the room can take as many as 20. Serial has cleverly designed the challenges so that they scale based on the number of people present in the group. For optimal experience, 12 to 15 people are recommended.

Are young children welcome to the room?  Yes, but 12+ recommended. 

Serial Mysteries is an enjoyable experience for both adults and children. With the physical nature of the room, every child under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult guardian. While there’s nothing frightening or inappropriate, the difficulty of our puzzles is ideal for guests aged 12 and older.

How difficult is it? As hard as you want it to be.

Not everybody passes. But to minimize frustration, a Serialist guide has been instructed to truthfully answer any 'yes' or 'no' questions you may have. It's up to you if and how often you want to utilize this unique hint system.

How long does it take?  
90 min (75 min of gameplay)

Our room is 15 minutes longer than the typical escape room, offering a full 75 minutes of actual gameplay (90% of passing teams finish with only a few minutes remaining). Plan on a full 90 minutes though as there will be an intro, questions, and photo op.

How much is it?  $25 per person 

Cost is $25 a person, but if you want an exclusive room experience (where no one else can join your session), it costs $375 to book the entire room.

Can I walk in?  No.

Trials are by appointment only. Book online at least 1 HOUR ahead of time or call us at (425)233-8053 for booking over the phone. For special arrangements, call or e-mail us at

Do you do corporate bookings and birthday parties?  Yes, please.

We host birthday parties and love them. Microsoft, Boeing, Expedia, Coca-cola, and many more have done their corporate team building with us. Contact us for special arrangements.


What are Serial Games?

Ever wished you could partake in reality show challenges like Survivor or Amazing Race? Serial Games is your chance. Test your intellect and wit in interactive games inspired by the reality show format. Grab your friends, meet new ones, and compete in an experience like no other.

What are the Unity and Deception Themes?

Serial Mysteries proudly offers two versions of games. 'Unity' is a series of team-based games where participants work together toward a shared win. 'Deception' is all about survival of the fittest. Lie, deceive, and fake your way to the top!

How often are these games played?

We're working hard towards offering these events on a weekly basis. As of right now, the nights take place only on special event dates and scheduled exclusively for large private events.

How many people can play?

We aim to have around 10-20 people, but will host special game nights to parties as large as 50.

How much does it cost?  $25 per person